How to improve my cheerleading jumps?

How do I get my cheerleading jumps to be higher? I made the cheerleading team but they told me that I need to improve my jumps by may 10th or I cant go to this camp thing with them to how can I get my jumps right?

Answer #1

Toe touch and hurkie..

Answer #2

Hi(= Ima cheerleader too. 3 things: -STRETCH!!! Oh I cant tell you how much this helps!! This improves your length.

-Skipping. Yeah I know it sounds weird. but its true. skipping improves your height.

-Practice! You know the saying! ~Practice makes Perfect~

Good Luck!!

Answer #3

ummm practice on a trampline and rotate your hips for a toe touchhh

Answer #4

by working out on a trampoline

Answer #5

what kind of jumps?

Answer #6

girl look on youtude and to how to improve your cheerleading jumps

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