Whats the easiest way to get rid of cold sores fast?

I have a date tomorrow night and I just got a stupid cold sore this morning I need help wit it !

Answer #1

what I found that really works for me all the time is.when ever I see it right when it starts I lalways keep it I my mouth kinda bite it and stuff it goes away right away.and it worked for me every time.

Answer #2

And don’t consume ANY sugar. For me, anyway, that is what causes my breakouts on my skin and my cold sores.

Answer #3

Bactine on a cotton ball (get it under the blister if you can… like inside) works. Abreva REALLY works well- I used the cream on mine and it was noticeably smaller within a day. Let it air out and dry- don’t pick at it. My mother swears by just regular soap and water, but I’ve never tried that.

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