How do you get rid of cold sores?

I get cold sores often and I just bear with it untill thyre gone. Is there a better and faster way to get rid of them??

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Cold sores are caused by a form of Herpes virus. Valtrex works nicely, but it's not a PERMANENT cure; it only drives the sore into remission... 'til the next time. There are some home remedies. For some people, eating blue cheese (roquefort) helps a lot (probably due to an antiviral property in the cheese). Years ago there was strong evidence that getting 6 - Smallpox vaccinations spaced out over 12 weeks conferred sufficient immunity to Cowpox (the REAL active treatment in Smallpox vaccine), and this built up a very strong immunity to RELATED viruses such as Herpes. And it worked very nicely! Unfortunately, there is no more Smallpox vaccine. For now, Valtrex is probably your best bet. And order some crumbled blue cheese on your salad tonight.

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The best way to avoid being troubled by cold sores is to avoid them in the first place.

Sun can cause breakouts so wear sunblock lip balm when outside. Cold sores often follow a cold, flu, or fever so avoid getting sick. Eating nuts can increase the frequency of cold sores.

Once you have cold sores the virus will remain dormant between outbreaks waiting until something triggers an outbreak. I find that Abreva helps shorten the duration of cold sores. Another thing that helps is taking lysine. I try to take 5-10 grams of lysine/day when I have cold sores. That is a *LOT* of lysine btw. A doctor of mine turned me onto this 20 years ago and I found that this does help though getting that many large pills down is a challenge.

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where can I get it??

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abreva works great too and you can buy it over the counter. Its a really small tube.
Also, I noticed for myself and maybe it doesnt work for everyone, that when I 1st see the signs of a cold sore coming on, I use Vicks vapor rub(I also use it as a moisurising chap stick too) It doesn't hurt your lips at all, it smells like vicks of coarse and you dont want to eat it, but the menthol in it really helps.

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Theres an oral prescription called Valtrex that is made specifically for the treatment of coldsores.

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