How to get over needle phobia?

How to get over needle phobia?

Answer #1

hey, I have had a needle phobia for an extremely long time, in fact..all my life. But my the thing I do to help get over it is just tell myself this… “There are hundreds of innocent babies and children who have to live with all kinds of pain and I’m complaining about the prick of a needle?! pfft” just repeat 100 times and don’t watch them put the needle in, close your eyes when it goes in and don’t be afraid to scream or yell, it takes your mind off the pain. trust me. I have a blood test coming up in 3 days…I’ll let you know how I go hehe

Answer #2

I am fifteen and I have a terrible needle phobia I have a doctors apointment coming up soon and im terrified…just keep telling yourself that it is going to be over, either way you have to. This is not to scare you but Needle Phobia is a cause of death, because people with needle phobia tend to avoid checkups when they can have a serious illness. So you should go with a smile because a little prick is better than a huge disease. ^-^ good luck!

Answer #3

I’m sorry, but I think I possibly have the worst Needle Phobia ever. I rather get a disease than get a shot. I can’t even type words related to it. Not only do I have that phobia but I get sick around blood too. So it’s basically hell for me. I think it started when I was 4 or 6. My parents had to carry me to the doctors and I would run out constantly. I just can’t deal with it,I’ve fainted about 12 times and according to my mom I got “all my shots” but the last time I went for a physical the doctor named like 5 shots that I needed and the next day my mom says that she talked to her and that I already got them. Now, I’m terrified of going to my next physical because my mom is probably lying. But, there is also blood tests, these are the worst because they don’t take it from your finger anymore, they take it from the worst spot possible and that makes me sick the most. Expressing your true emotions towards the phobia helps calm it down, that’s why I’m typing all this. I feel much more relieved but I’m still going to live with this all my life. I hope the best turns out for you.

Answer #4

I do not know how to get rid of needle phobias but I have had one since a Nurse stuck a needle in me TEN TIMES!!! Now I can’t even go near the things!!! I am in between school and collegue. When I was still at school I couldn’t do half the bioligy lessons because there would always be a picture of a needle!!! Urgh!!! Phobias have nothing to do with age. My uncle has a major phobia of needles and he has never had a needle since he got his phobia. So Age is not a factor. You will not grow out of it. I would disagree with Dayi.My uncle is perfectly fine and like I said since he got his phobia he hasn’t had any injections. And also my girlfriend has SA, which is a Phobia of social situations. She can hardly go out her front door. Now I call that one of the worst phobias, if not the worst. As for getting rid of our phobias? Well I expect most of you will have seen Harry Potter. The Dementors are really a metaphor for Depression. They fed of your sadness and fears. Like depression does. but there is cures for depression. And one of the main cures is to face it. Face your fear and you will defeat it. When it comes down to it fear is only mental. And our minds are strong. Just learn to control your thoughts and then you may get rid of your fear. And like it says in Prison Break, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. So open your closet and throw out your fear of needles. I hope I helped. :D X x

Answer #5

I think there isn’t really an easy way to do it, other than acknowledge your fear, and then understand that you’ll always be worried.

I don’t have a needle phobia myself, but I do have a bit of an allergic reaction to them, and nearly faint when I get a shot.

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