A phobia of injections, but having to get them. what do i do?

Ok, well lemme start from the beggining, sorry if its long, and this is kinda hard for me to ask... So..
When I was about 11, maybe a bit younger, I had a problem with my stomach, and the hospital had to do all these tests. And at one point they had to draw about 2 testubes worth of blood from my arm... And ever since then I have had a phobia of have injections and in general,needles. I got an injection yesterday, it didn't hurt much, but now my arms all swollen and sore. (not gonna say why) (my parents don't no I don't like them) and I was scared all the way thru school (my appointment was at 5pm) and after school I went to a mates house and my ma picked me up, only my mates no I don't like them. And now I've found out I need to get 2 more injections... I have to get them so theres no backing out.
How can I become less phobic of needles and 'jabs' (injections)???
I really don't want to feel like a baby anymore, im 15, I aint suposed to be scared of much, to everyone in my school im the guy who protects and fights, the one whos hard as nails. Thanks guys :)

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I agree with ty! I mean when I was small I was scared of them too but
I learned that well it DOES only take like 5 seconds! lol

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I think phobias of needles is silly in a sense (unless it's a huge needle that they use to take bone marrow or something like that then it's scary) because if you think about it, they take less than five seconds. Just find something to think about while they give it to you, and don't look at the needle or watch as it goes in. Read a chart or something in the office. I think what scares people the most is watching the needle go in.

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Actually most people do get over their fears if they actually work at it. Phobias are one of the more easily worked through disorders (agoraphobia is perhaps the exception here). The problem with needles is, well its hard to do exposure with them, because its not like you can get someone to jab you over and over until you get over it. There's relaxation training, you can learn to breathe in deeply and relax yourself as you think about needles, and the body just physically cannot feel both tense and relaxed at the same time, so it sometimes helps. Since you dont have time for therapy, just remind yourself that it will be over in a little while, it's not going to hurt that much, and you've done it before and nothing happened, so odds are nothing's going to happen this time...

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lol dude, im going to be 17 at the end of the month and, I always had stomach difficulties ever since I been little..and when someone says needles, I just freak; it's a really hard phobia to get over. my moms 43 years old and still is terrified of needles too. this isnt something you can wake up in the morning and say " okay, I'm going to get over it" a phobia is a fear and honestly about %95 of people dont get over there fears. I really dont know what to tell you because I'm scared of them myself. dont try to let it get to your head to much because then you'll encounter anxiety; and take it from soemone who has it... its not fun I acually have a phobia of leaving my house, & it requires counsoling and medicine.. everyone has fears if your worried about what other people might think about you for being scared of needles; screw them.. its life everyone has fears, just try to deal with it the best you can and remeber, it only last for 2 mins then your done have someone hold your hand;yeah that sounds kinda baby-ish but its like the best step into trying to get over it. and no.. I dont beleive in turning your head that makes it even worse I have to watch when they give me a shot , not because im scared of the needle;I just dont liek the thought of something going into my skin.

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