How to Fight Back - How to piss off someone like a feeling genius?

How to Fight Back - How to piss off someone like a feeling genius?

I dont really like to fight in every other way. People just took my patient as their advantage. Like if they say something bad to me and even they know its obvious I’ll just keep quiet.

Plus im not in a good mood because im having a depression.

Im a quiet person. I’m not well socialized.

  1. How to Fight Back - Most people of mess with me are young, 2-5 younger and im 20.

  2. How to Avoid being bullied? While Showing to them you’re happy?

  3. What should I do? Im having a depression. How do I deal with it?

  4. Your suggestions.


Answer #1
  1. Corny but fighting is usually never the answer. Physically pretty much anyways. If you do fight back be warned they’ll get back sooner or later.
  2. Avoiding bullying? Get some great combacks or like you said show that you’re happy and tell them they’re a waste of time anyways. 3.Depression wise probably see a doctor about it or consult a few close friends and see what they suggest. Medicine isn’t always the answer and neither is drugs or any of that stuff.
  3. If you’ve been quiet before most likely they’ll be shocked to see you fighting back which can be a really good thing. Just make sure you don’t get into a physical fight with anyone or you’ll be in a load of pain. Good luck confronting the bullies, I bet other people will post even better advice anyways so take a little from everyone.

Ciao =]

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