How to fade scars?

I know vitamin e heals the scar? but do you have to put the vitamin e on the scar or can you just take a vitamin e pill? Or some other type of vitamin because the scar is down almost my whole entire back and I cant reach it to put stuff on it.

Answer #1

Try Bio oil people use it on scars and cocoa butter helps too x

Answer #2

Vitamin E and massages help the scar tissue go down and not be as enflamed. Tanning also lessens the scars visability. And maybe, if you’re a tattoo person, consider getting a tattoo when you’re 18 to cover it.

Answer #3

I had a really small scar on my shoulder once. I got some kinda cream thing for it though. and eventually it went away because it was that small. so I think you just apply something on it. but I think carter marie is right. there isn’t much you can do until it heals a little bit more at least… I think. I hope I helped. good luck with those scars.

Answer #4

I had back surgery so I guess the scar would be deep.

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