Is there a way to make scars fade or dissapear?

I have 3 HORRIBLE scars that I want to get rid of. 1 is a huge jagged line from my belly button up my ribs from climbing a chain link fence, 1 is a thick line on my cheek from a riding accident and one is on my shoulder and its a loong line from a piece of medal. I scar easily and I have a few more but those are the really bad ones. Is there any kind of thing to help them fade?

Answer #1

I found that Bio- Oil worked well, but only if you acctually apply 2 times daily for 2 months, without missing a treatment;.

Answer #2

cocoa butter and vitamin E capsles

Answer #3

Kelo-cote is a scar gel you could try. Ask at a drugstore for help.

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