Products to fade scars?

Does anyone know of any products which can reduce the appearance of or fade scars?

Answer #1

I’m not sure, but I think coacoa butter will HELP fade them.

Answer #2

I would like to suggest for your evaluation biologically active and transdermal gel collagen, COSMECEUTICALS with cure effects on skin, eyes, nails, hair and the whole body.

Answer #3

I’ve seen this commercial on T.V for stuff called “Prefer on” its like a stick-like object and you rub it on your scar. Can most likely be found at a local drug store or pharmacy.

Answer #4

bio oil

Answer #5

um yeah!! usally types of creme will do!! like there is something called “prefer on” or somethign I THINK like that!

Answer #6

Yeah, go to Wallgreens or Happy Harry’s and ask them about it. There are tons of creams that work pretty well. hugs, Jill

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