How can I make my scars fade?

I used to cut myself. Loong time ago. Now I have scars and I don’t want them. I know they’ll never go away but is there a way I can get them to fade? The scars aren’t dark. But not light either.

Please help!?

Answer #1

How did you stop cutting? Do you still want to? I am a recovering cutter, but really deep down, want to still cut, even though I’m in therapy. My legs are scarred up too, so if you find out anything, let me know, ok? Any input you can give me on wanting to cut and not doing it - I’d really appreciate it.

Answer #2

I wouldnt go out and get surgery to make them less visible or remove them…my friend went to a specialsit with the same problem they told her she’d have to get surgery but she refused. Its not worth it , I have the same problem and all I do is make sure I get enough sun on those areas…the ones on my arms cleared up in a matter of months last year, but it depends. you can disguise them make them less visible by wearing long socks, pants, long sleeved t-shirts…but I wouldnt actually get surgery its the only way I can think of to remove them…just waite till they heal…fully.

Answer #3

Rejuveness Syprex Clinicel (a cushion) Cicacare ReTouch ScarFX ScarEase Mepiform ScarGuard

Silicone Sheets

Answer #4

Firstly congratulations that your not cutting anymore. If I were you I would get your parents to take you to a skin specialist and see if there is something that can take the scars away a little. There must be something around in this day and age to make them less noticable. Keep up the good work. You will be an asset on here to help out others who are going through it now. xx

Answer #5

I have a friend who cuts herself and she uses neosporn for it and they’ve been going away…

Answer #6

You could always try Vitamin E oil as it will help lighten the scars.

Answer #7

I have 3 really big scars on my arms and my cover story, (I was attacked by a wolverine) isn’t cutting it anymore (humor) anyway, they have faded but I would like to see them fade even more, kinda ridiculous that I couldn’t cope with life. Anyhow reading this was useful I am gonna try some of this. I have scare zone but I don’t think that will do shit. wish I would have put the ointments on them while they were healing they might have healed better. well good luck to all you recovering cutters, its hard as hell. I get nervous and shake every time I pick up a damn knife. hope people learn and stop while they are ahead before it gets bad. bye all,

Answer #8

I was a cutter myself. I do not do anymore too. but now I make these scares on my thigh…I really want to wear a bikini pants again, but I cant if I have does scares on my thign… After they healed… but the scare was still there…I started using SCAR ZONE…I took a full year for the thin scares to fade (but they faded..u can only see them when you are up close) but the thicker scars are still visible..

Answer #9

Mine faded in time anyway. But to be honest. I freaked out when I realized they were gone. My body has the amazing capacity to heal itself, why can’t my Mind? I dont know if that makes sense to anyone. I really freaked out.

Answer #10

omg its like were sould mates I feel terrible for being mean to you now!!! well lol I have the same problem get neubraderm scar solution rub it on they go away

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