How to dribble with my right hand?

I am a left handler and I can only dribble with my left hand. it’s basketball season and I want to try out. what are some tips on how to dribble, and drive to the hoop with my right hand?

Answer #1

Yeah, you need to practice.. I can’t relate because I’m ambidextrous. I never had to worry about that. lol

Answer #2

Only hard practice can fix that…If you really want it, you’ll get it!

Answer #3

dribble with 2 balls in front of you and just keep practicin with that hand

Answer #4

ya bball is my favorite sport. Umm practice is really all I can tell you but if you want to improve all around go onto youtube and search some excersizes up and practice those. If you go on a walk have a basketball with you and just continuously dripple with your right hand and by the time baskeball season rolls around youll be ready hopefull. Maybe inroll in a community league. Here we have drop in bball at the community center ever week and there are a lot of good players that show up so even though you might b intimidated at first you’ll get better.

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