who knows of some good left handed airsoft guns?

im really looking for a sniper rifle and i was going to get the utg shadow ops l96 but then i thought…wait a min…i shoot left handed…so now idk what to do

Answer #1

WELL L96 AWP Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle and Maruzen APS-2 There are no budget priced bolt-action rifles in Airsoft that are left-handed.

Answer #2

im not to botherd by price i was just gunna get that beacus iv used it before and i like it

Answer #3

Well if you decide to change your mind and just get a regular assualt rifle and modify it a bit then you could check out ambidextrous models like the XM8 or the newer version of the M4A1, I believe it’s called the MASADA? and the AK-47 I also believe has the slide on the left side of the rifle. But alot of HK models have ambidextrous magazine releases and slides, like the MP7. But that’s prob not what your lookin’ for

Answer #4

i have am m16 thats like that already

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