How To Dress Goth for a School Play?

Okey.. Well I have this school play coming up and its about a murder at tryouts for cheerleading in a highschool and I am a goth chick that my aliby is that I was making posters for the competition coming up for the coach.. I need to know how to do my hair, my make-up, my eye make- up and how to dress. If you could help me that would be great!:0 Thank-You and have a nice day:)

Answer #1

darkā€¦lots of dark colors and dark makeup. make your face really pale looking and wear lots of black it makes your face stand out wierd hair always helps itmakes you seem creapy lol hope this helped :D darlene

Answer #2

black and red mainly with black hair and lots of black clothes with laces and corsets :D

Bee xx

Answer #3

You could always try to google images of goth dressed people. My advice,is go with black. If your wanting to go all out,go wih a black skirt,fishnet stockings,and black boots or shoes. Then Get a black shirt and wear fishnets under those,on your arms. Paint your nails black,get some black lipstick,and lots of eyeliner. color in your whole eyelid,and for your hair? it doesnt realy matter. a wig,maybe? if not,just keep it down,I guess.

Answer #4

Black, black, black. Thats all you need to know.

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