What should I wear for my costume in my school play?

We are doing Annie for our school play.. and I am one of the orphans. We have to get our own costumes.. and I already got mine. I saw what everyone else had.. modern pajama pants and a sweater over it.. Thats not even close to what i have. I have this nightgown with an apron over it and stuff like that. I’m really confused because nobody else is wearing that kind of stuff ..but thats what they wear in the movies ( sort of ) .. and Im right in the front so i really dont want to be the only 1 wearing this costume. Any other costume ideas or advice for my situation? :(

Answer #1

whts the play about?

Answer #2

have you heard of Annie? It wont matter what its about.. but in the scence we are in an orphanage in the 1933’s

Answer #3

well…maybe you should ask your teacher i agree with what you have because it is what they wear and what they would wear in annie. I wore a smock dress for when I did Annie in a competition with a white apron ontop

Answer #4

thankss. okay. because my friend had the same outfit as me.. and shes a lead orphan. the only difference was that hers was this extremely bright blue color.. and the teacher said she couldnt wear it .. so now im like ehh idk if it was the color or the actual costume s

Answer #5

you should be harry potter =O

Answer #6

=O omg thanks for the advice. ill show up as harry potter and ill be the star

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