How can I dress Goth, The reason is my mom used to be Goth?

The reason I want this is I’ve always admired Goth’s and I feel like taking the sadness and darkness and beliefs and put them into myself, another reason is my real mom used to be Goth and so I want to take up her pride and Gothicness. so please help me find some cloes to wear so I can customize them si I’ll have my own Gothic look.

Answer #1

try this also this site shows alotta gothic stuff you can order also lots of like, corsettes and gothic dresses, boots, fishnets.. but not slutty or anything

Answer #2

To start out, I would suggest wearing like a T-shirt of one of your favorite bands..If your into Heavy music like I am..Grab like a Slipknot t-shirt or Disturbed..Hell get a hoodie if you have one! Get some black jeans or stretchy jeans with rips all in them..Maybe get a chain..Black Eyeliner and Black lipstick looks good too ;P. Black hair is good and all but if you don’t want black hair then thats fine but getting a choppy haircut is almost a necessity.. These are the basics for a start..Once you get more into it..Go darker and deeper into the trend..Also, Before I forget..Try and stay quiet around others so they know to leave you the Hell alone..

Answer #3

you either are or your not. you really should just be who you are and not try to be someone or something else. sorry hun im sure your pretty just the way you are

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