How to decorate my room without ruining it?

I’m renting an apartment but the owner said not to ruin anything like the paint on the walls for example. So how can I decorate my room under those conditions? I wanted to put hooks behing my door to hold clothes but that would leave a mark on the door when taken out. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

theres these special types of stickers that you can get to stick on your wall that peel off very easily. I would use those. also, get some pretty curtains, bed spread, lamps, tables, gel gems, and stuff like that.

Answer #2

Try using blu-tack for posters on walls. As for hooks, I suppose you’ll have to make do with a clothes rack. Get cool big mirrors, lamps, and other things that sit on the floor, so you don’t have to hang anything.

Answer #3

lean a big mirrior up against the wall instead of mounting it, and get one of those over the door racks with hooks on it to hang coats, scarves, bathrobe, bags, etc…on. As for photos and stuff, you could make collages on big poster board and use the blue putty tack only in the areas you need to get the poster board to stick. man..this sucks…framed art is crucial…thats the trouble of apartments:) hope this helped. happy decorating!!

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