How do i get nail pen ink of a dresser without ruining the wood?

ok i a little girl i was baby sitting got into my nail pens and broke it on my white dresser so now its got nail ink all over it is there any way to get it off without ruingin the wood?

Answer #1

You could try nail polish remover (only a bit on a cotton wool ball). You may have to repaint the stained bit.

Answer #2

NO, do not use nail polish remover. It can cause your wood to stain even more. trust me i’ve been there.You should get a very warm washcloth or paper towell and let it soak up the ink.

Answer #3

but wont all the water be bad for the wood and its been there for like a week

Answer #4

Use a bit of nail polish remover but on a cotton bud, it may take you like a hour to get it all off, and it may take some of the white paint off, but you’ll just have to repaint that section.

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