What should I do if my baby's daddy wants to change our daughters last name?

He was not around for my entire pregnancy, the birth, or the first 5 months of her life. At around 5 months he came to see her, but has not seen her since that day. he will NOT talk to me and I do not know why. He wants her last name to be his rather than mine, but I do not want that. He is not paying child support and tomorrow he will owe me 110 dollars. He has supervised visitation and he had not tried to set up a time to see her. What should I do?

Answer #1

Uhm, it’s your f*cking daughter too. He’s barely there and it costs to change thier last names. Keep it as your last name, that’s what you want and that’s probably best.

Answer #2

He is hardly a father at all. He’s hardly in her life at all. Keep the name, he isn’t even going to be around.

Answer #3

You are the primary parent..if he wants to make these kinds of changes, he will have to take you to court, but he’ll lose…guaranteed.

Answer #4

Theres not much he could do, to change a childs name you must go through a judge. No judge in their right mind would grant his request when your the primary parent and he isnt even paying child support.

Answer #5

There is nothing he can do. In order to change a childs name both parents have to be in agreement and sign legal documentation in front of a judge.

Answer #6

Thanks everyone. Also his gf is very rude to me and she will not even let him see her by himself. She has to be with him anytime I am in the picture. I dont want my daughter around her because I know they will not last long…that is just how is relationships go…plus she has cheated on him and he will not put up with that for long. So I want to know if I am right in not wanting her around my daughter. He wants to watch her at his house…but he lives with his gf and she hates me so who knows what she would do to my daughter. And I dont want my daughter to be confused as to why she randomly disappeared.

Answer #7

I recommend going back to court about this…demand supervised visitation - if you’re in fear that your ex’s girlfriend is showing damaging behaviour in front of your child, that’s your right and responsibility as a parent.

Answer #8

he already has supervised. I said that in my first question. Haha. But the thing is he can not see her cuz he does not have money and I said he could come over here and see her but his girlfrind will not let him…. :/

Answer #9

What should you do? Just say no! No, the baby has my last name. No, your gf cannot spend time with the baby. He should be choosing spending time with the baby over his gf.

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