How much down there should I shave?

ok so I would like people’s opinions on this one! so I don’t know what I want to do yet, it need to experiment more, but I was wondering if I should shave down there or not?? and if I do shave down there how much of it should I shave, like just the insides of my thighs or all of it? and I can’t get a wax and don’t really want to and if I just trim… how short should I cut it?

also what do the guys prefer?

Answer #1

some guys really don’t care how hairy it is..some like it to be maintained and taken care of..some like there to be no hair at all..heck, some guys go no hair at all themselves..its really just a confidence thing…what makes you feel comfortable? try which ever “hair style” you’d’ll grow back. lol

Answer #2

ok I like satanheadbangstometal’s suggestion the best so far. that’s what I was thinking about trying. THANKS!!!

Answer #3

I shave my bikini line and I shave the top down an inch and then I trim the rest. It works for me. Ahaha

Answer #4

shave it all off!!! who wants a mouth full of hair if you catch my drift…

Answer #5

well I like shaved or an air strip thats it not a lot of hair its kinda odd

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