How much do you shave in your bikini area?

I like to shave because it makes me feel more comfortable without hair sticking out everywhere but I was wondering how low down your bikini area should go..? Also, I ALWAYS get really bad shaving bumps that hurt and are really sore whenever I shave down there so does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of them inexpensively…?

Answer #1

I would highly recommend that you NOT use BAR soap to shave your bikini area with. You will get bumps. You can use either a liquid soap, shaving gel or even shampoo. Make sure the razor you are using is fairly new, a dull one just does not do the trick.

Answer #2

They more you shave the less the bumps will appear, shave with the direction of the hair and you should be fine!!

Answer #3

I shave daily. And I use conditioner. While I still get razor bumps, they aren’t as bad. And you can shave as low as you want. ( I shave it ALL )

Answer #4

go all the way to nothing

Answer #5

I get brazilian waxes ever other month, they are great and leave ZERO bumps. and are only somewhat painful the first couple times, i love it!

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