How old do you have to be to move out in the state of texas?

I hate the school my parents just made me transfer to and have been getting into a lot of trouble there and I just want to know.

Answer #1

Hmm… Really? I thought it was 18–whenever you become a legal adult. =P

Answer #2

I’m going through the same thing and I’m 17 but I live in Comanche Oklahoma ya know so I think 18 here but texas is somewhat cooler so maybe 17 I’ ve also hear your an adult when your 17 also if you run away and go to another state what can they do?

Answer #3

17 bro. you can move out at the age of 17 in texas

Answer #4

I’ve read it’s 17 in general. You can ask a court for emancipation I think at 16.

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