How muchs should I charge for a friend?

The friend is 5yrs old.she has 2 is going to be for 5hrs.I’ve nown her sense she was a baby.

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Babysitting her pets irene lol.

Do an agreement with her, give her a value between 5-10$ an hour (doesn’t have to be this exactly) then tell her to pick a value and if you both agree on it then you can charger her that much :)

If your babysitting her and her pets then you should discuss this with her parents, children and pets at the same time is a big responsibility and her parents need to know if you seem suitable enough for the task. Then the agreement of how much you should charge them should be made between you and her parents. Also, a helping hand wouldn’t hurt, it can make the whole thing a hell of a lot easier. Although you might want to split the earnings between you and your friend. Thats if you have to babysit the girl and her pets.

Answer #3

What exactly is she doing? You didnt make your question clear.

Answer #4

Shes 5 years old.Its for 5 hours. She has to pets I will need to feed.

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