How much should I charge for a custom video?

I’m starting a small business where I take people’s video from either a child birth, or vacation, etc. and make a custom video for their memories with music, pictures, etc. Kind of like a modern home movie. But I don’t know how much to charge for it. Maybe a flat rate, or perhaps by the hour? If anybody has ever bought a video like this, how much did you pay for it? Any financial advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance. =)

Answer #1

This is a really cool idea. You should charge a flat rate, not by the hour. I live in New Zealand, so I don’t really know American dollars. I would charge $20NZD if you can convert that x_x

You should have some already made up like from your own family- to show your customers what you do. And you should have a standard time limit, like if they want 3 minutes $20, 5 minutes $30 10 minutes $50 and so on.

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