How much should I charge for mowing lawns?

I bought myself a lawn mower. A nice one, too. I want to make some money bu mowing my neighbors lawns but how much should I charge?

Answer #1

Of course it depends on the size and condition of the yard (example: the same yard - 1st time grass is 3ft tall would definately cost more than the 2nd 8 in cutting) - prices would also be different in different areas of the country, so it’s hard to could give a price and if they’re not immediately agreeable, ask them ‘Sir/Mam, what would you say is a fair price ?..go from there..when you finish ask: ‘would you like me to check with you weekly through the summer ?..Good luck and take cold water to drink !!

Answer #2


I think it depends on how long it takes..maybe like $7-8/hour. Or a flat rate but make it higher like $10 :)

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