How much do I charge for babysitting a 5yr old diabetic for a week?

I have been asked to babysit a 5year old diabetic boy and his older 12 year old brother. They will be staying over for a whole week, I will provide them with food and they will be sleeping over for the entire week. The 12 year old is not much trouble but the 5 year old diabetic is time consuming. Aside from showerin him everyday I have to check his sugar 2x during the day and inject insulin and watch what he eats and also check his sugar during the night. She is a family friend but my babysitting is a job I just want to make sure I charge enough.

Answer #1

I babysit regularly and in my opinion on special care is he shouldnt cost that much more, especially because he is young. All young children are time consuming and as a babysitter your only job is to tend to those children.

My scale for babysitting is usually along the lines of:

newborn to 2 years: $8 hourly per child 3 years to 5 years: $6 hourly per child (because kids are usually potty trained by 3) 6 years to 10 years: $5 hourly per child 10 years and up: $3 hourly per child (because by that point your just paying for my time bc older kids are super easy)

I used to babysit for a boy who was learning disabled so he would hit, bite, scream (a nightmare really) but all kids are a pain in the butt sometimes. I charged $2 more hourly and only because he was violent.

I’d say if its a friend of yours she shouldnt expect a lot more from you. If was me I’d accept $70 a day if she will be nanny (taking them to school, cooking, cleaning the house, doing laundry, running errands) because if you think about it, a full time job (40 hrs) at minimum wage ($7.50 hrly) is $60 a day. She’ll be sleeping part of the time and she will have food provided so I’d just give her an extra $10 daily for the inconvenience of staying over.

If its simple (no errands, running around, chores) make it $50 or $55 a day.


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