How much will an addition cost on my house?

How much will an addition cost on my house?

Answer #1

There are so many variables..that it is not a simple answer. $75 to $125 is a good range for a simple addition with minimal or no bathrooms.

The variables that will cause the price per square foot to range from $50 to $500 per square foot are..

  1. the design of the addition - is it a simple box or something more complicated
  2. who does the work - are you hiring it all done or doing some of yourself
  3. which contractor you hire - their quotes can vary by 10, 20 or even 30% for similiar quality, etc.
  4. the type and quality of materials - flooring, fixtures, windows, etc. etc.
  5. do your plans include bathrooms and kitchens..they are much more expensive then a living room or bedroom addition.

The website has a free online cost calculator that gives an OK estimate..but only after you have done a preliminary design and talked with 3 or more contractors can you get an accurate estimate.

And some say you wont really KNOW how much it will cost until it is done!

Good luck

Answer #2

You’ll want to figure out the number of square feet you’re adding, in our area, it’s between $75 and $125 per square foot last I heard…however, I’ve never had a remodeling done. Ask for a quote from a few contractors before you commit to one, and that way you know you’re getting a decent price - also check their references & track record with the relevant agencies.

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