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About Housing Disrepair Claims Solicitors

Who we are

Welcome to Housing Disrepair, your go-to source for housing disrepair claims in the UK. We are a team of experienced solicitors dedicated to helping tenants in council homes, social housing, and housing association properties get the compensation they deserve. With our expertise and commitment to our clients, we strive to ensure that your living conditions are up to standard and that your rights as a tenant are protected.

What we Do

At Housing Disrepair, we specialise in handling housing disrepair claims on a no win, no fee basis. If you are living in a rented property that is in a state of disrepair, it is your landlord’s responsibility to address these issues and ensure that your home is safe and suitable for habitation. Our team of solicitors is here to guide you through the process of filing a disrepair claim and seeking compensation for any damages or inconveniences caused by the negligence of your landlord.

We understand the challenges that tenants face when dealing with housing disrepair issues, which is why we are committed to providing you with the support and legal representation you need to hold your landlord accountable. Whether you are dealing with damp and mould, faulty plumbing or heating systems, or any other disrepair issues, we are here to help you navigate the legal process and fight for your rights as a tenant.

Why you should use us

When it comes to seeking compensation for housing disrepair, it is essential to have a team of experienced solicitors on your side. At Housing Disrepair, we have a proven track record of success in handling disrepair claims and securing favourable outcomes for our clients. Our no win, no fee policy means that you can pursue your claim without any financial risk, ensuring that you have access to justice regardless of your financial situation.

By choosing Housing Disrepair, you can rest assured that you are working with a team of legal professionals who are dedicated to advocating for your rights as a tenant. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your landlord fulfils their obligations to maintain your home in a safe and habitable condition, and that you receive the compensation you deserve for any damages or inconveniences you have experienced as a result of their negligence.

What can you ask?

  • How do I know if my property qualifies for a housing disrepair claim?
  • What evidence do I need to gather to support my claim?
  • How long does the process of filing a disrepair claim typically take?
  • Will I have to pay any upfront fees or costs to pursue my claim?
  • What can I expect in terms of compensation if my claim is successful?

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