How much to paint an 1800 sg. Foot interior of a house?

Price to paint an 1800 sguare foot interior of a home and pay for I supplys

Answer #1

So, you would need roughly 7 or 8 gallons of paint at $25 to $100 each, depending on type, brand, quality, etc.

I think a minimum of $175, and at most $800…just for the paint, though. If you’re hiring someone to do the painting, you’re looking at about $1500 or more.

Answer #2

1800 square feet is the floor plan not the walls…if you have an open floor plan, there are less walls, and therefore less paint. If there are many walls…more paint. Depending on what is on those walls will decide how many coats of paint you will need (if they are dirty, smokey, etc)…you might have to prime them all, before you paint them, too…and 2 coats of paint. Cheap paint doesn’t cover as well as better paint…a gallon of medium range paint runs about $16.

The best way to figure how much it will cost is to get the measurements of the walls…knowing the square footage of the floor doesn’t help much.


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