How much weight will I lose?

If I only eat a few things a day ex: a banana and some lunch meat, while taking diet pills, how much weight will I lose?

Answer #1

Well im sure its working for your weight, but as for your health , it will probably not work in your favour, your friend may have had a positive outcome. but your body types may be different, my friend did that, and she got dehydrated and her skin started peeling, it is really not worth it , but, you cant really tell what the outcome will be, sometimes not eating very much and taking diet pills can be very harmful to your body, you may lose weight or you may gain it, starvation can make you gain even more weight, but honestly , last year I was a size 11 in jeans, but now I am a size three, and I didnt take diet pills and I ate the proper amount of food that is what I need the size of my fist, and I lost all that weight, so for you sake, try something different

Answer #2

Well I did do it the natural way.. exercising and watching my calories and I gained most of it back, sooo I’m taking a different approach, that obviously didn’t work out too well. At least this way after a while I won’t want to eat that much on my own.

Answer #3

thats BS my friend did the same thing and in 3 months she was stick thin, and that was over a year ago and shes still the same. I know personally that YOU DO LOSE WEIGHT like this, I just want to know generally around how much.

Answer #4

You should eat 6 small meals through out the day. Morning:apple and cheese. Midmorn: banana. Lunch: small side salad w/ grilled dressing. Midafternoon: handfull of whole wheat crackers. Dinner: grilled fish with a side of veggies. Dessert: jello. I went on the nutrisystem diet and it was awesome. My friend ordered it and didn’t use it and gave it to me for free. After it was all gone I learned how to eat better and what meals we’re good for energy. I lost 50 pounds 8 weeks after giving birth 5 years ago and kept the weight off. Fun mail me for more food ideas! (You can loose up to 5 pounds a week with diet and exercise) hope I helped.

Answer #5

You can exercise, you can diet but together you get triple the results. And don’t eat less please. When you starve yourself you eat in higher portions eventually because of hunger and when you’re on empty your body looks for energy from your muscles and other parts of your body because you not feeding it. Eat 6 times a day!!! Just eat healthy and in proper portions. Eating can be fun.

Answer #6

None. Diet pills are horrible for you. They mostly target water weight,and if youre young especially,this could be extremely dangerous,and lead to dehydration,and thinning of the blood. Diet pills also dont help you keep the weight off very long.You actually start gaining more weight because the calorie weight builds up more than the water weight,which you are losing.

Best way to lose weight? diet and excersize.

Answer #7

I thought you said you werent FAT??

Answer #8

I’m just taking the diet pills for energy and an appetite surpresent, which I can tell you is working fantasticly! All I ate today was a banana and a chicken wing x]

Answer #9

I dont know anything about diet pills but if you just eat that and get lots of excersise you’ll definatly loose a lot

Answer #10

Doing that will definatly accomplish your mission. But it won’t be a healthy one, using diet pills are definalty the easy way out. What happens when you become to skinny and you can’t stop lossing weight because enough is every enough. You owe it to your body to at least try other options like eating right and excerising first. You can safely lose up to 3 pounds a day eating right.

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