How much does a belly button piercing hurt?

On a scale from 1-10
1 being like someone pinched you
10 being like child-labor

How Bad???

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to be honest im so scared of needles and I got my belly done when I was in grade 7 and it di9dnt hurt at all , it was about a 2 or a 3 for pain.
I only felt it wyhen it went through the top layer

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Probley about 4, its really not that bad, maybe at first but it goes away.
Heres a tip though...
expect a lot of pain, it wont hurt as much!
if you don't expect it to hurt, it will hurt a lot.

expect a 10, and ull feel a 4!!

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well my friend got hers done when she was 12 (young, i know) but she told me that it just felt like a little pinch and it didn't hurt that badly. and she has a VERY low tolerance for pain, like she'll cry her eyes out when she stubs her toe or something, so i'm sure you'll be fine :]

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Hey, Well my mates have got their belly buttons pierced and they told me that it feels like you've been punched in the stomach. It really depends on your pain tolerance!

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it's like a 4 maybe.
it doesn't hurt that bad.
the thing that is the worst is how sore you are for about a week after you get it done.
other than that.. it's not bad.

Does it hurt more when you get your tongue pierced, or when you get your bellybutton pierced?

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Yeah, my friend also got hers done and she told me you can barely feel it...It's probably because there's so much fat in that area instead of bones or cartilage...I got my nose pierced about a yr ago and that didn't hurt anymore than a normal ear piercings, so I'm sure you'll be fine.
Bottom line?
If you really want it done, go for it!
2 minutes of pain is worth it when you have that rad to show off in a belly shirt;)

Do they numb your belly button before they pierce it?
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I wouldn't really know but I've heard TONS and TONS of people say it's the most painful piercing you can get and it ends up being saggy and gross after a few years.

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I would probably say about a 1 or 2. honestly it didnt hurt at all. but I guess its different for everyone.

How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?
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1 i cunnnt feel it when i had mine done :)

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I heard it is pretty painful. I never got it done, so I don't know.

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Thank You (^_^)

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