Tattoos how much is it going to hurt, from 1-10?

Im thinking about getting a tattoo..probally a small heart on my hip so it wont be that visable.. But how much is it going to hurt..Because im not good with pain and I get really faint at thisngs like that..(I fainted haveing my ears pierced) Hows would you rate it out of 10? Btw im 15..

Answer #1

I would say about a 9 but what is the point in getting it if noone is going to see it ???

really think about how much you want it and if you going to want it when your 90

Answer #2

First off, it just depends on how much pain you personally can handle. If you fainted when you got your ears done… don’t get a tattoo. Also, you say your only 15? Well you might want to take some extra time to think… do you REALLY want this? And the design you pick out - are you going to still want it later on? Don’t rush into things or get one to look “cool”. That’s NOT what tattoos and piercings are all about. They’re about self expression and actually wanting them for reasons other than “coolness”. Hope this helps you and if you need anything else about tattoos… let me know!

Answer #3

It depends on the person. I have 4 and none of them really hurt (I would say it was more uncomfortable). But my friend has 1 and she cried like a baby. However, if you faint from getting your ears pierced you might not want to get a tattoo.

Answer #4

I’ve four tatoos my first 3 wernt sore but the 1 on my lower back was very painfull

Answer #5

me too… I suggest distracting yourself as much as possible im getting 4– 1 on each wrist 1 on each ankle it all depends on where you get it done

Answer #6

its not near as bad as people make it out to be…I have 12, I would rate it 4 depending on where it is located.

on the other hand you fainted getting your ears pierced! maybe a 10 for you.

Answer #7

uhm ok if you fainted when you had your ears pierced I honestly dont think a tattoo is for you… it’s not bad hurt, but there’s obviously pain involved (a needle is stabbing you over and over…)

Answer #8

I have 4 tattoos they dont hurt… I hae one on my stomache it didnt hurt at all

Answer #9

well on your hip its really going to hurt!! haha I have guns tattoed onto my hips on both sides and it hurt quite badly…anywear else expept your hands shoulders and back sould be alright

Answer #10

I would say 6… at some spots maybe 8. Its not all bad & it is totally worth it :)

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