Do you shave your outer vagina when shaving bikini lines?

When you shave your bikini line are you supposed to shave the outer parts of your vagina?

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goshh you girls make it seem so easy and stuff but im really scared of doing it , im really doing it because my boyfriend says he would like it if I shaved down there

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i shave also. like she said, take a little bit at a time. i was scared at first because i didnt know if i would like it or not.

besides the point, do what you wanna do.

Vagina shaving
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I shave mine and when I do I shave it all apart from a line down the middle. Its up to you how much you shave and where you shave it off from. Just take a little bit off at a time till you are comfotable with it and know what you want.

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yes oh my gosh that's funny yeah you shall all I I it feels better when you do like cleaner and etc ya know

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shaving the total area ie the outer lips and the area above is important from Hygine point of tral all odours.and in the roots the bacteria grow..they serve no useful purpose.

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oh my god i really like it when girls speak about dat waw its really a nice feeling when u discribe it

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i wax mine. it doesnt grow back as fast

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Isn't leg shaving and armpits shaving enough for you, gals? Gosh, why would I waste my time shaving that, too when men only shave their face and that's that! Not fair! :P

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i shave bt i leave a leave a line at the top .. bt my hairs grow back prickly really fast and ii get a rash .. its really annoyin

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yes all of it

Shaving my vagina
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Shave if you think it will look good for you , if you dont don't do it. try putting on your bikini and seeing what hair sticks out, if it bothers you and you cant push it in shave that, or do what I do wear boyshort bikini bottoms, theyre like the new thing here, they look like boy short panties they are so cute, and fit your bum nice, and no shaving :)

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if i was u i would shave it all u will feel alot cleaner

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