Am I going to get sick for taking too much medicine on accident?

I had a really bad sore throat,but all we had was childen’s only went up to about 95 pounds,which was 2 teaspoons,so I took 3 teaspoons of it. Then about 10 minutes later,when I went to put it back,I noticed that I had tylenol cough and sore throat afterall.not even thinking about how I had just taken the other medicine,I took a tablespoon on the tylenol cough and sorethroat syrup.then I noticed on the bottle that it says “do not use with other medicines containing acetaminophen” and of course,the children’s tylenol had that in it.

So I guess my question is,am I going to get sick for doing that? Is it dangerous?

Answer #1

I think you will be fine. Childrens Tylenol has a low dose of acetaminophen. If would be serious if you took tylenol pain medication, and then the cough and sore throat syrup! Let someone else know, like your parents, how much you took- just in case.

Answer #2

The only serious thing that might happen is liver damage, but it wouldn’t happen from taking just a little too much just once.

Answer #3

you should be fine but if your relly worried call your doctor

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