How long until you bleed after a cherry is popped?

I am a virgin and I want to know when he first pops your cherry, how long will it take for you to start bleeding?

Answer #1

Make sure that you are really relax and enjoy yourself. The more tense and worried the worse the experience will be. EDIT I forgot this was asked a long time ago. Did it go ok?

Answer #2

hey, okay well every girl is different. sometimes it hurts really bad, so bad that you feel like crying. but sometimes it only hurts a little for a second. when i lost my virginity i didnt bleed at all and it didnt hurt that much either. but most girls only bleed a little bit. and you usually start bleedin as soon as ‘ it pops’. but i wish i could tell you exactly whats goin to happen to you when have sex. but like i said…every girls different :)

Answer #3

some people dont bleed

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