how many people contimplate suicide?

so I was kinda wondering how many people think about killing them selfs? is that normal?

Answer #1

I think a lot about it too , its not just suicide though its just being curious about whats beyond life and what would it feel like, im not saying im going to kill myself or anything crazy but my mind does wonder about it quite a lot, so I would say that its normal to think about this things considering that we’re being stalked by death by this I mean that at anytime anything could happen however I would say enjoy your life and dont worry about it too much.

Answer #2

“The thought of suicide is a powerful solace: by means of it one gets through many a bad night”

Answer #3

I think about commiting suicide all the yeah it’s normal I guess

Answer #4

I think about it a lot

Answer #5

its normal at your teen ages espeilly in high sckool …but always remember that theres always someone put there that loves you enough to care that your not there…believe me I’ve experienced it

Answer #6

It may be common, but it’s not exactly normal… If you are feeling like you want to kill yourself, you need to get help. No matter how tough life is, it ALWAYS gets better.

Answer #7

like moe214 said, it is pretty common among people who are depressed, but it’s not normal exactly… I.e. yes people have thoughts like that, but those people should talk to someone about it…

Answer #8

everyone thinks about it in there life time. As you understand life and how fast you can change it. there is just no sense in doing it. I would rather live homeless on a beach in Hawaii than never to experience life for another day.

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