How many people can there be to stay the night at a hospital?

well im in the hospital and 2mar0 my two besties want to stay the night bt I don’t know if there is a limit, well is there a limit?

Answer #1

it varies by hospital. but unless your really ill then I doubt they will let anyone stay the night with you even your parents because you anyone besides you get in there way. unless your in labor lol

Answer #2

thats true its diff. with every hospital. but some do let some people stay overnight, but I think if its only like a famiily member such as your mom/dad. but I guess you just have to check with the hospital or ask the nurse. get better(:

Answer #3

I doubt they will let anyone stay in your room with you. Visiting hours vary per hospital. Its a very slim chance you’ll have company for the night however. If they are waiting while you are having a procedure done, then I’m sure the hospital won’t mind how many people wait in the waiting room.

Answer #4

Agreed with chartreusechick, hospitals have strict visitor’s hours for good reasons.

The only time they let people stay overnight is, if you are a parent and you have a sick kid or you are about to pop a baby out and your husband wants to stay the night with you in your own special room afterwards.

Otherwise, get your friends to stay the whole day in your room with you, until the last visitation hour is up and have them return the next day. If you really cannot be apart from your besties, get them to book a room in a nearby motel or hotel near the hospital you are staying.

Problem solved…. Best of luck, hope you have a speedy recovery. :)

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