How many of you have felt like crying for everything & nothing @ al

Im having one of those days where I feel like I could just break down and cry for NO reason but EVERY reason a the same time...It might not make complete sense. But has anyone else felt the same way?

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Yep, I have my off days too. Especially just before my period. Then I feel like the world is a problem and get very angry. Best thing is to get a teddy bear and some chocolate and to cry it all out.

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ya I've felt like that once in a while , it sucks not knowing why your upset and then when people ask why your upset you like I have no idea.

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YES your not the only one here. I just cried it out ate some dessert and then I was all happy again lol

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Yes, a lot. Even if it seems like its for nothing but theres probably something you didnt cry about a long time ago that made its way to the surface, or maybe you just needed a goos cry. Crying cleanses the soul, in my opinion. Its good for you.

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I know exactly how you feel! I felt like that last night and just bawled for no reason. I felt like I didnt want to be alone, and yea. like it was really weird. I also asked a question on here. It was what will help random depression. and I ended up watching a movie with my lil sister and I told her how I felt and I felt a lil better. dont worry you will feel better soon.

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I know exactly how you feel.. im feeling like that rightt noww.. especially when you miss and dont miss sumthing at the same timee .. like you just wish to go back to a time where everything was far but more near to perfect .. no problems .. no nothing ... cry it out if you have to .. or talk to someone to make your self feel better .. just be stong & everything would get better. :))

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im a seriously depressed girl hun.

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awww just let it out sweetheart and youll feel better...

yes I have felt this way too sumtimes

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yeah it sucks but after a while ull get over it trust me

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Yep everytime im on my period. lol. My boyfriend thinks im crazy because of it.

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yesss. I have before.. lol
its normal

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