How long can a tapeworm be inside you and could i have one?

O.k one day I was in the bathroom and I wiped my butt and a found a small pale yellow thing but it didn't mve at all.Then it felt like something was moving9in my butt.)Then last Sunday I felt something was moving inside me around the stomach then my brain and it hurt a lot.
Could I have a tapeworm?
How long can they be in there?
How can I get it out without a doctor?(No health insurince and really poor.)
What are the syptoms?
Help me!I am kind of scared!=(!!!

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wow, this kind of freaked me out. first off having no insurance should never be reason enough to not keep healthy. Your life is more valuable than a stupid doctor bill. You can apply for medicaid, you can also visit the county/city health department and they will see you for free or a very small fee. I would recommend a quick trip to ER, my grandmother is an RN. she said this would be considered a serious issue. like the comment above, you can die.

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Tape worms can live inside of your body for years. They can grow to be taller than the average person. If they are left inside of you for too long and they go to your brain you could end up having seizures and possibly die. Do not mess around with them, if you think you have one you HAVE to go to the doctor! The normal symptoms do not include you being able to feel them move in your stomach or brain, however itchiness around your anus is normal at night. If pieces of the tape worm break off then it will come out with your fecal matter. Some tape worms are pale in color. The most common way of getting a one is by eating under cooked food that had tape worm eggs in it.

Good luck

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