The inside of my ear is swollen

For about 5 days, the inside of my ear hole has been swollen, and sore when I apply any pressure. I was wondering if it was just an ordinary ear ache or ear infection, because I don't remember doing anything to hurt it. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what is wrong with my ear, and how long it will last?

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Your talking about outside of the ear canal--part of the auricle (the entire part everyone one sees) or does it hurt *into* the canal?
Where is it swollen and how much? Does the ear feel warm to the touch? Have you had any sinus problems recently? Infection?
Have you been swimming lately?

Ik..lot of questions but really can't tell w/ seeing. And w/out asking them all. (=

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I have been swimming, it hurts inside the ear canal but only to the tough, and it does feel warm.

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Have somebody look in your ear... you may actually just have a pimple in there that really hurts!

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go see a dr, I waited too long on an ear infection and have a hearing loss in that ear now.

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