how Is it too soon to tell my parents I'm pregant ?

basiclly is saying should I just go ahead and say im pregant. or should I wait but I really fil like I am

Answer #1

yeah wait till you KNOW you are, then tell them straight away.

Answer #2

It’s senseless to tell them you’re pregnant until you’ve had it confirmed by at least several home pregnancy tests- a more reliable test would be to go to the doctor.

Answer #3

First wait until one week after the date you expect your period to start. Take a home pregnancy test, and if needed a test one week later. Or you can go to your Planned Parenthood clinic at 100 South Boylan Avenue, Raleigh, NC‎ - (919) 833-7534‎ and get a TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL free pregnancy test, and if you want, free counselling. If you are pregnant, I urge you to tell someone who can support you. If you choose to end the pregnancy, or to continue the pregnancy, you will need that support - believe me. Good Luck!!

Answer #4

It’s too soon when you dont know if it is the truth.

Answer #5

wait until you’re sure that you are.

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