Why is it to soon to tell them when I no that I am pregant ?

All im asking is how do I tell them its kind of hard becuse my parents are the real holy ones

Answer #1

If you know (through TESTS) that you are pregnant, and you are not going to end the pregnancy, you have to tell them, and the sooner the better. If you can have a friend or another more sympathetic relative nearby (or with you) for support, that is great. Tell your parents one at a time, and start with the parent that you feel closest to and will give you the most support.

You might also consider putting the baby up for adoption if you feel unable to handle the responsibility of motherhood. There are many couples desperately seeking a baby, that would welcome your selfless decision to make sure the baby had a emotionally and financially prepared family to give the child the best opportunities possible.

If you choose to end the pregnancy, it is still important to confide in someone who will help you with emotional support.

It is important to not wait too long as there are decisions to make that are time dependant.

Good Luck!!

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