I dont feel like im getting enough oxygen in?

okay will I was about to go to sleep until I realized I starting get light headed and I dont feel like im taking in enough oxygen.I realized to I smoked for the first time I think this could be the reason im feeling this way some one help me please.Like it seems like I can barely breath

Answer #1

yea shes rite and also every day take in 5 deep and long breaths! it helps

Answer #2

feeling like your not getting enough oxygen is NOT normal howvere I doubt a first ciggarette could cause it, (though they do cause lung cancer and contributre to many other diseases and cancers, as well as lower your life expectancy) the ciggarret might have aggrivated something you alreday had or didnt notice youll need to see a doctor asap so they can figure out whats wrong with your breathing and if its seriouse or not

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