how do you get strict parents to say "yes" to spending the night?

I really want to spend the night at my boyfriends but my parents keep saying “no”. were both 15 and have been going out for a yr, and we only see each other about twice a month so its hard on us. I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem and could tell me if they got them to say yes…please help

Answer #1

Well first off, their not going to say yes. Sorry :( And if you try something childish like lying,, their going to be even more strict, so DONT TRY THAT!! Chances are that your parents are strict, cause they know what they did at that age, and what your not understanding, is if it was a good memory, they would let you do it. But when we are strict, its mostly because weve been down that road, and got hurt, so we protect the ones we love, so they dont get hurt. Thats why you call it over protective :) Now,, you need to talk to them. Not ask them over and over for what you know they dont want for you. But talk,, ask them respectfully,, what is it that makes you worry?? How can we come to an arrangement?? Is there a half-way point that we can come to?? When they see that you are “growing up” in your thinking, they will realize you are ready for to be more responsible for your decisions. If you really are ready for that youll realize the prize here isnt that they let you spend the night at your boyfriends, (which isnt going to happen) but its that the relationship you will have with your parents will be maturing, and that will bring much joy to your life. You could also ask if he could come to your house for a Pizza/board game night,, so that you could see how he interacts with your family, and they need to know him too. Also,,, read a book called Read B4UD8 (read before you date) Read it with your boyfriend, and let your parents read it too,,, It gives a lot of answers your parents would want you to know. Ask them to help you find it,, youll be surprised , they might really be glad you asked :)

Answer #2

wow you people do no help. im sorry but just saying. I mean I KNEW it probly wouldnt happen so no its not a serious question. but guess what. what ever I did did work and he spent the night so im happy :]

Answer #3

is this a serious question? like really? you’re 15 years old. it doesn’t matter how long you have been dating. you barely see each other, so the relationship’s probably not even worth it. your parents don’t want you to end up pregnant. there’s not way random people off of the internet can get your parents to change their minds. don’t try sneaking either. your trust will be gone. you want to keep the trust.

Answer #4

I wonder why they don’t say yes that is dumb to even ask them that G don’t you thank that they are going to thank that you just want to stay with him so you can have sex and I don’t thank they want to help you take care of a kid

Answer #5

They are worried about you two getting on a physical level with eachother. There’s not much you can do. Trust me, concerned parents are stubborn. They won’t budge. Sorry, they love you too much. I know, it sucks. :(

Answer #6

They both think that you guys are getting into sex so they are being like this or they just don’t like him

Answer #7

15 is pretty young like, I don’t think I would let me children (not that I have any) stay over together unless they were at least 17, and it would still make me feel uncomfortable. I’d say I was pretty liberal too, I don’t think you’re being very realistic honestly. Try and see it from their perspective, they are trying to protect you.

Answer #8

Lol. I am pretty liberal, but I wouldnt allow my 15 year old to spend the night at her bfs. I dont think you have much hope here.

Answer #9

see but I had a different boyfriend when I was 13 spend the night 5 times in a row (we didnt dare to do anything) and we got to sleep together. I love my mom and dad but I didnt ask for him to sleep with me but he sleep in my room and for me to sleep in the basement. id be to afraid to do anything because it would ruin anymore chances and I dont want to anyways

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