How do I get my parents to say yes?

I’m 16 and will be 17 in April! All my friends are driving except me!!! How do I talk my parents into getting me a car for christmas ?

Answer #1

I don’t have the time and they want let me work bc of softball!

Answer #2

Well, if you don’t have a job, get a job. Then tell your parents that you want a car for christmas… Tell them to put the down payment and that you will pay the monthly payments:) It may work, because they know you’ll work hard for it.

Good luck, hope my advice helped!

Answer #3

you need to show them that you are responsible. by getting a job, and helping with things aorund the house -without being asked! do super good in school pretty much be the best kid alive!

Answer #4

Make time to get a job and buy your own car if you want it so much.

If you were really mature enough to start driving, you wouldn’t be begging your mommy and daddy to buy you something.

Keep in mind that cars aren’t just handed to you when you turn 16 - they are expensive and difficult to maintain.

Answer #5

They won’t let me work!! I’m so involved in softball and school no time fir job!

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