How do you get rid of head-aches?

Im a young teenagers, almost 14 years old, I get headaches pretty often and it makes me so annoyed. does anyone know any way to get rid of them? I have one right now and its pounding. usually around the sides of my head, like the to corners. thanks a million. :D

Answer #1

if you put pressure on the skin between you index finger and thumb, like squeeze it, it should temporally relieve you headache. or you could take tylenol…if the headaches start to get worse of continue you should see a doctor

Answer #2

If you’re getting headaches often, odds are that it is because of something you are eating (like a food allergy or lactose intolerance, etc.), allergies, or just stress. Working on a computer for too long, or not getting enough sleep increase your risk for having headaches. Some headaches can be related to your menstrual cycle and puberty as well.

Other than these, severe recurrent headaches can be caused by pinched spinal nerves and brain tumors. If your eyes are not dilating normally, you should see your pediatrician immediately as it is indicative of a brain tumor.

Either way, if the headaches are really bothering you, go to your doctor, and he/she can help you make adjustments so that you can live happier, and with fewer headaches.

Answer #3

tylenol ! they really HELP!!

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