Does showering keep me from getting head aches(wait/read for details)?

So I’ve been grounded and I’m not allowed out of the house and for the past two weeks I’ve been skipping showers on the weekends since I’m not going anywhere and haven’t been expecting anyone(call me lazy,nasty idc) but when I wake up after skipping that second day of not showering I get this really sore spot on my head that not only is sore to the touch but it gives me head aches.

Answer #1

Maybe staying in the whole time could be contributing to your headaches. Fresh air and sunlight is always good for preventing them.

As for the spot it could be a coincedence or due to lack of hygiene. Even if you don’t shower make sure you wash and cream your face twice a day to keep it nice and clean and refreshed and spot-free. :)

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