How do you disguise the smell of smoke?

Quite a few of my friends smoke and everytime I hug them or make contact with them, I end up smelling of smoke. I don’t smoke and my parents would not approve of it if I did, but I’m always worried that I smell of smoke when I get in from school. How can I make sure that my parents don’t detect this smell?

Answer #1

I have plenty of experience with this, just to preface this. The number one best thing to mask the smell with is dryer sheets, the kind people put in their dryers to make their laundry softer and fresh smelling. Rub one over your clothes and the smell will be gone in a jiffy. Reason why this is the best method (I know it sounds totally random) is the dryer sheets don’t smell like anything on their own. And they don’t actually MASK the smell, they pull it off the clothing entirely.
If you don’t want to go out and buy dryer sheets and your parents don’t have any at the house, there’s always the option of doing decent physical activity before going home. If you really aren’t smoking, and aren’t around them too much when your friend’s smoke, then running or doing anything else that make your body heat up and sweat will get rid of the smell pretty well too. If you sat around them when they smoked, forget it, because it’ll be on your skin and running will make it worse. There’s also always febreeze, or other canned air freshners, but they usually have a smell of their own. If you’re parents notice it and pick up that your covering something, that could be worse than if they smell the smoke on you, because then they know you were trying to hide it too.
Good luck!

Answer #2

Do your perents know that you have friends who smoke? I’m guessing not, so I guess lot’s of perfume/cologne. Or not hug them in the first place. Cainda hard but for what is worth her, I think yes.

Answer #3

Lots of cologne

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