What do you smell or how does it smell when you step out of your house?

I smell smoke and see smoke really bad! There is a forest fire 10 miles from my house and the wind is bringing the smoke this way.

Answer #1

Well if I’m stepping out the front door, I’m greeted with the smell of gardenia and a sweet aroma of other flowers from my mums garden. When I step out of the back door, most of the time there’s the smell of something burnt. Right behind my house, there’s just this big amount of land and there’s always something burning there.

Answer #2

This is a cool question! Haha. I smell smoke too, it’s winter and everyone has fires going. I also smell salt because I live next to the beach.

Answer #3

pollution first and then i live right next to a main road so car fumes, lovely

Answer #4

I smell flowers and fresh air and occasionally pine trees if the wind’s blowing right..sometimes I’ll still smell whatever my mum is baking inside the house xD

Answer #5

It depends on the day and wheather

Answer #6

I can’t say I’ve ever noticed a distinct smell outside of my house, it smells cold and fresh…Nothing like the ocean or smoke…It’s like being near a creek I suppose.

Answer #7

It depends on where I’m staying at the moment. In my usual home, I always smell fresh earth. :D

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