How do you change a bitmap (bmp) image into a JPEG (jpg) image?

How do you do it? I am trying to upload my prom picture onto my profile on funadvice but it says bmp is disallowed. Can you help me?

Answer #1

Or, you can use Photoshop. If you don’t have it, email the photo to me at editor @ funadvice . com (without the spaces) and I can convert it for you.

Answer #2
  1. Find Picture
  2. Right click on it and go to OPEN WITH option
  3. Click open with PAINT
  4. When You have the picture in paint, go to FILE and click SAVE AS
  5. Under File name give the picture whatever name you want
  6. IMPORTANT: Under SAVE AS TYPE option, click the arrow and change the BMP format to JPEG
  7. Click ok/ save
  8. Upload the edited picture unto Funadvice
Answer #3

open the picture at paint and click save as and choose the jpg format. and your file an be compressed too.XD

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