Downloaded movie (jpeg) opens as a still image

My friend took some movies with his still camera. He wants to put them on a DVD to mail them. When we downloaded the movies to my computer to burn them to a DVD, we first tried to play them on the computer. They were jpegs, only 2MB or so, and when we double-clicked them they opened as still pictures.

Should downloaded movies be jpegs, not AVI or MPG or some such? The movies play fine on his still camera, and on Windows Media Player when his camera is connected to the computer, but not if we just double-click the file in Explorer. We’re afraid whoever gets the DVD in the mail won’t be able to play the movies either.

Answer #1

dude your going to need to capture the video from the camera useing programs like windows movie maker, but I know Adobe Premier elements does, not sure if Windows movie maker does it. Just load up WMM and look for the capture option.

hope this helps.

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